We both grew up around each other, going to Juneau Christian Center and attending Juneau Christian School. Erik first asked Janelle out to the Snowball dance her sophomore year, but she turned him down. One year later, Erik tried again and this time Janelle realized what a great guy he was (and is!).

We started hanging out the fall of 2002, and we officially began dating February 1, 2003. After being together for 4 years, we are both really excited to be getting married, and start our lives together!

I was born April 30, 1984 to Dale and Honey Bee Anderson in Juneau and have been raised here my whole life. I grew up in Juneau Christian Center and attending Juneau Christian School. During my high school years I began homeschooling with the IDEA program and concurrently taking courses at UAS. Once I graduated high school I went on to graduate from UAS with a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems. Iíve always been heavily involved with ministry at JCC and Ground Zero (the churchís youth group), which is where I really started to notice Janelle.

I am currently working part-time at the IDEA homeschool program as a Computer Support Technician for the local office and all the families in the program. I am also working part-time at Juneau Christian Center as the IT Technician/Administration Assistant.

I was born August 18, 1986, to Lynn and Phyllis Kirkham, in Juneau, Alaska. I had a fun childhood, climbing the tree in the backyard, making my little brother eat salads made from grass clippings...

I am currently pursuing my bachelorís degree in Business/Accounting at the University of Alaska Southeast and working at Juneau Christian Center as the accountant. Once I graduate (soon!), I would like to pursue my CPA (Certified Professional Accountant) title.

Sometime in mid-April, Erik began shopping for the perfect engagement ring. His plan was to ask Janelle to marry him on his birthday (April 30), but delays (and pickiness!) did not allow him to have the perfect ring in hand in time. He finally found the perfect diamond and decided he couldn't wait any longer for the perfect setting to arrive.

On May 15, 2007 Erik decided it was the day. Janelle had been talking about how she wanted to go have a picnic at Sandy Beach when Juneau's first sunny summer day came around. The clouds parted and the sun shown through, so off to Sandy Beach we went. As they were discussing what they could do next, Erik asked Janelle if she would like to see what they could put "this" in, as he presented her with the diamond. Then he asked her if she would marry him.